Sunday, February 20, 2011


Because I don't know how to start, and don't know what to tell and type. Now, I'm gonna make confessions. Like it or not, here I come~

- I don't like those people who always wants to know about someone else's problems, come on, you have your own life, let them do it by themself, who the hell are you?

- It's been so long time since I knew you. Well, yes, I think you've never pay attention to me *sigh* you don't even know me until now. But, that moment, I think it was last year, You just came to me with that letter, I've never thought that you will bring that unimportant letter to me (thanks to my aunt). I don't know if you still remember my name, you just came and said my name (and my dad's name) then gave that letter to me. I think, you just remember my dad's name hahaha... But, because of that little thing, I can talked to you, yes, just both of us. Although it was just few minutes, but finally I can hear your voice clearly, again.

- Just had a conversation with someone, and we were talking about each other's bad sides. It's a big relief when I found out that no one complained about me so far. fiuuh~ Does it mean I'm being pretty good person so far? hopefully.

- I'm being addicted to tumblr, hehehe. Especially, when my dash is full of my bias pics ^^!
And, another fun things. Sorry bloggie, I'm still in love with you :*

- I got few "useless" accounts. -__-" I know~ at first, I was just like "yes, I'm gonna do this!" but then, I was like, "What I'm gonna doing with this acc?"

- I don't know, is it just me, or maybe it's true. Sometimes, when I read my close relative's words on their blogs, twitter, facebook, err.. it's too much, you name it. I feel like, they're talking about me. Well, I don't know, since then, I've always tried to introspect my words or everything what I've done to them. Mianhae~

- Still learning about Hangul (Korean language and alphabets) and I'm doing it autodidact, woooah! It's fun!! Their alphabets are cute, hehehe. With those circles, squares, and blalalalala... Woah, it's been 6 years since I first knew about Hangul from Memories of Bali (it's Korean drama), hehehe. Jo In Sung was very-handsome-oppa, with his arrogant style, kekekeke.

- I'm addicted to fanfics (_ _!) is it okay? errr... anything, from tragedy till comedy stories.

Okay enough, sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language, so my english isn't really good. ^^ HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!

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