Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Well Soon, Brother :*

Well, it's really rare for me to tell you about my annoying little brother. He's such a trouble-maker-boy. But, yesterday, after he arrived from his school, he just sat down and then told me that he had a bad headache. It's really seldom to hear his complaint about his body, so far, I think He's a very-healthy-little-boy. He does soccer, biking, and everything that related to move-your-body-things. So, I think I just wanna say, get well soon little brother. :* smooch from your beloved sister #somethingwrongwithme =))

Haa~ I've heard about that before, was that just a threat? Okay, I like the things, but I don't like the people. :( I'm a people picker type, but I'm not a friend-picker. Ya know, just like a child, picky eater type. If I don't like people, It will be hard for me to get closer to them. Especially, when they talking too much about unimportant things. It might be important, but for me? AAAAARGGH! (-,-)

About this blog, I promise I'll take care of it! ^^ Better than before, although I can't leave my tumblr, hehehehe. I was thinking to change the color, you can see it, it's PINK. But, I think it's cute, it reminds me of someone :)) besides, it will be odd to see blue/green/black heart sign on the header.

I just started to talk about many stuffs in one post == mianhae~

Okay, enough. It's a HAWT DAY! Hawter than those Playboy models. Bye~

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