Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yep. Again and again, just like 2PM's song. I've changed my blog's theme. Darker. No pink. And little bit vintage? hehe.

7 days holiday. I think it would be like 2 days break. Believe me, today is sunday, and after that, you'll realize, "OH! It's already saturday. DA*N. Gimme back my holidays."

Okay. Enough. I will talk about something else. Many things actually but I'll try to make it short.

First. Bigbang's B I G B A N G english version is uber cool. And it's lyric is awesome and funny.

Second. I can't stop listening to Bigbang's Tell me goodbye, especially GD's opening part, beside I love their style on this mv. Classic and neat.

Third. I got a new baby. He's cute and smart. Welcome home Lil'G.

Last? I can't say goodbye to my old baby. You're still the best baby. :*

Hehehe. See, I've made it very short. =))

Thursday, March 24, 2011

School or Runaway

Woo, what can I say?

I just realized, that some of my teachers started wearing wedges, not ordinary wedges, but it's "these-days-wedges-baby~". I can say that these wedges that they're wearing are "what's hot fashion items for 2011" =D (I don't know why, but I'm so excited, hehehe)

Well, not exactly YSL's wedges, but the they looked like YSL's :))

Yes, one of them were wearing the shocking pink one, still, looks like wedges in the pictures above. But, I don't know exactly about the model, because she was walking while I was seeing her from my classroom during my lessons. What a student~

Well, finally I can say, hello there fashionistas~ kekekekeke~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I dreamt of...

Hey, guess what? I dreamt about you last night. In my dream, we were in ...... I didn't know why, but suddenly, you talked to me during my conversation with someone else. You joked around and said silly things about us. Wait. Us? Yeah, It was like you've known me for long time. You talked about our height difference, I don't know why you talked about that, but I really remember that. And you know what, during my conversation with that someone else, you just cut-it-off, just like you have a right to do that.

And then, everything disappear. Just like a dream, there's a time to appear and there's the other time to disappear. And when I woke up in the morning, I just realized, I won't ..... you again. That last word, I hate it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

“I tried living as a very nice person, but there’s no need to be nice .. you have to be mean to survive”

-Kim Hee Chul-

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Nah~ it's just my random thoughts.

Is it wrong to hanging around with 'G/S' people? I think I don't need to tell you what does G/S mean. For your information, WE'RE NOT that G/S people. We're same. It's just because we or maybe it's just me, talking differently, it doesn't mean I'm a G/S. Well, someone said to me, that we're talking about something that they don't understand. :( so?


-You're talking about boys in your real life, we're talking about boys in real life but not in the same country. kekekeke~

-Fashion? All the girls around the world talked about this thing.

-You're talking about local music and I'm pretty sure, you have few favorite international music, while we're talking about international music more often than we're talked about our local music. Please, it doesn't mean that we're G/S people nor we don't like local music, it's just we love local music but not "now local music". So please.

-Language. Bahasa is still my first language. If you see me often using english, it's just, well, called it daily practice. I don't have any purpose to show off how good my english is, because what? I never learned english properly. Just learn from my own experiences. What kind of experiences? Watching movies and listening to the music. I'm sure you can do that too. Trust me, my english is AMBURADUL. Even, if it's right, it's because I'm using street language/slang. Gimme a foreigner, and see what I'm gonna do to face it. =))

If you read this post, I'm sure you will understand. But if you're not, then deal with it.