Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yep. Again and again, just like 2PM's song. I've changed my blog's theme. Darker. No pink. And little bit vintage? hehe.

7 days holiday. I think it would be like 2 days break. Believe me, today is sunday, and after that, you'll realize, "OH! It's already saturday. DA*N. Gimme back my holidays."

Okay. Enough. I will talk about something else. Many things actually but I'll try to make it short.

First. Bigbang's B I G B A N G english version is uber cool. And it's lyric is awesome and funny.

Second. I can't stop listening to Bigbang's Tell me goodbye, especially GD's opening part, beside I love their style on this mv. Classic and neat.

Third. I got a new baby. He's cute and smart. Welcome home Lil'G.

Last? I can't say goodbye to my old baby. You're still the best baby. :*

Hehehe. See, I've made it very short. =))

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