Tuesday, April 19, 2011

People's Judge

I'm back. Actually, I never have a thought that I will write about this. It just happened to me few days ago, in fact, I didn't hear they really talked about me, but someone has said to me and honestly it's little bit makes me down. Luckily, it happened too, to someone I really love.

I think I'm a stone-hearted person and little bit stubborn. I don't care what people says about me, I'd never been cry for a person, well, rarely. I couldn't say anything to everyone, even if they're one of my relatives who really close to me. I just don't want to let the world knows about my problems and my life story, and let them say, "poor you."

It's a bash. I do received any critics or opinions from other people, usually when this is happened to me, I just let it flow, and pretending that it never happened, but I don't know why, when I received this thing, it hurted me a lot.

And there'e one thing that ruins my mind.

Difference. What's wrong about being different? I think people hates or don't like someone who's being different because they will get more attention than someone who's doing something normally. Sorry, but it's just my opinion. It's their lives. Let them do what they want. And you, just do your own bussiness.

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