Saturday, June 18, 2011

You got that Style

First, I wanna say.
Alhamdulillah, because i finally got the report card which really made my heart beated not so fast actually. But, once again, Alhamdulillah, the result isn't bad as i expected before, I know, I'm such a lebay person. But, seriously, before my dad went to my school to get this report card, I just felt like "Gee, okay calm calm, it's gonna be fine, it would be fine," because just like what i've said before in my previous post, my dad really could freeze me to death just with his cold words.

Because I already had almost one week holidays before the real holidays coming, so~ absolutely I used my times to keep reblogging, likes, and taking care of my tumblelog. It's sad to talking about tumblelog on my beloved blog, so, let's just get over it.

Ah. And because of my random blog walking in these past few days, I realized that those Kpop artists (yes, baby, I'm talking about kpop now =))) really loves to show off about their style and fashion tastes in............. AIRPORT.

Yes, airport. The place which has many airplanes, neat pilots, and long legged stewardess.

And some of them are really use this chances to show off their off stage's styles. Usually, I just take a look at Hollywood's airport style. Interesting. Serious. There are some artists who really prepared themselves for papparazzi to take their pics. But, there some artist too who doesn't really care about their outfits in airport. Just in the name of COMFORTABLE.

And this quirky-guy-but-really-makes-my-heart-skips-a-beat is really the one who doesn't really care about his outfits in airport, not like his brothers.

Okay, but i have to admit that last time I saw him in airport when he wanted to go to France he looked so damn-why-should-be-little-neat.

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And this. This will make your sleepy eyes widened out suddenly.

Kay, enough. Kekekekeke~ Actually, I just wanted to blabbering about him. Gyahahahaha ^-^

Just don't forget about his must bring item wherever he goes.

Yup. His Hee's bag.

Credits to the pics owner ^^

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