Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You God

Yes. Just wanna thank you so much to God. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Hey, I've got a plain dark grey tee. And it's v-neck. (so?) which is will showing off a little part of my chest. But don't worry, not showing too much skin. =)) I'm still looking for another loose tees. Trying to find white and the black one.

Actually, loose tee is one of my favorite tops. It's very simple and one of my safe outfit, I can just put an outerwear to make it not simple anymore.

Now, move to the bracelet.

My bestie gave me a bracelet, very long, so I have to tied it with a lot of concentration. kkkkk.

(pardon my leg's fingers)

And guess what?? It has the same colors as Gucci 2011 Spring collection. Kyaaaa >_< Love it! Color blocking!!

Thanks Jre Hyuuung~ Love it so much~ ^o^

Oh. Did I mention before that I really wanna have a varsity jackets? I already have one, and it's color is brown, but I want another one. And one of my favorite fashion blog Stylescrapbook held a giveaway things. And! This is varsity jackets!! So excited!

Hope I'll get one. I'm craving for the dark blue one (the number one above). Gah! I want it so baaaaaaaaaaaaad!! Or, maybe someone out there will buy it for me? =))

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