Saturday, May 5, 2012

I thought it was just me. Well or maybe you, who's changed without any reasons.

I might not knowing about anything from the start. I preferred to be the one who doesn't know about the thing you guys are trying to solve, the one that always acting as if I don't care if there something worse happened to both of you.

Just let me say it now. YOU ARE TOO MUCH! You can have your suspicions towards someone, but I preferred that I don't wanna know a bit of it. That's just you and your problem. Even if we are related enough to solve it together, I'd rather being someone who careless.

As you are getting older, you should have done something wiser. Are you afraid of losing someone? Well I am either. But you know what, as much as your age, you could have thought more before you acted like that. You just let your emotions controlled you. I've said to you, that I will try to talk when everything's cooler and calmer. But see what you've done.


Act like you've known everything, your anger controls your mouth, where is the old man whom I used to know? Where is he? As i'm getting older, I thought we could settled everything in a good way as we are getting know each other better than when I was a kid.

But now, everything's changed as if you're become someone who's really immature, you use your anger first rather than your mind.

You know what... I was thinking hard and pretty scared that I'm going to move out and could live my life alone out there, but now I seriously can wait to move out from here... Just because of you.

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