Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So the days when I'm 'officially' become a 'jobless' are here. Yes, as jobless as Ong Ahjibaem who didn't have companions to play with when everybody were busy with the cooks.

Okay. forget the Ong ahjibaem part.

The title says it all.

A few days ago, my mom bought some ingredients for me. And the ingredients for me is rather special than our daily needs, because it's usually contained a few materials for Italian foods, such as pasta. Yes, I'm pretty good if you talked about how to make pasta.

But... when I checked out the refrigerator, the spaghetti sauce was only a half bottle, and the spaghetti was a half box left, and I was really lazy to boiled some water and prepared another pan to cook the sauce. Then I checked a big plastic bag, and I was hungry...

Cio + Hungry = random creativity^noises from the kitchen -----> remember this formula

I found some ramyun.. YES! Ramyun... Although I usually chose Shin ramyun, but that day my mom bought some random ramyun, they were seafood and beef flavored. I checked on them again, but there was only two flavors. So I chose the one which was bigger, hehehe I was hungry, you know~

I was curious about some Korean foods, and have googled some which easy for me to cook, and I found the best and (I think the easiest one).


Here's the food which I made because I was really hungry and it was my first cheese ramyun, I chose seafood flavored, because I thought beef flavored wouldn't mixed well with the cheese.

So those are the steps when I made cheese ramyun, I used quick melt cheese, and it was pretty good for the first try, but if you don't really like seafood and cheese mixed together, you'd better choose beef or another flavors. Because seafood and cheese mixed together will bring a strong taste to your mouth.

I think I will make one more now.. hehehe see ya~

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