Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Airport style, a new term which become a 'role-model' for KPOP artists, mostly now. They mixed up any brand they know and do the best for their runaway at the airport. I will talk about 2NE1's Dara's style now since her style sometimes is so casual, not to much showing off that she's a member of a famous girlband in South Korea.

Well, not showing off, until you found that this cute girl is coming from a company named YG Entertainment which provides their artists with high quality branded stuffs. As you can see, Dara's style from head to toe looked casual and comfy, she made statements just with her bag, shoes and that red hot leather jacket.

Now check this out, what exactly makes her style stands out.

Lonely by seeiow featuring

Chinti and Parker logo t shirt
471.100 IDR -

Balmain genuine leather jacket
34.480.235 IDR -

Balmain long length jeans
12.245.045 IDR -

Christian louboutin sneaker
10.317.050 IDR -

Balenciaga leather bangle
1.853.185 IDR -

Balenciaga leather bangle
2.025.720 IDR -

Tote handbag

Enough said~ =))

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