Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This picture of 2NE1's maknae taken when she was attending an event with Park Bom, I'll post Park Bom's outfit for the next. As you can see, Minzy was wearing a floral top from Givenchy. Givenchy colection is pretty famous amoung KPOPS celebs, meanwhile Minzy chose this black tank for her outfit, those boys from another boybands preferred Bird Paradise ones, still from brand Givenchy.

This floral top costs £394 but it's sold out everywhere, if you want the cheaper version which quite similar to this collection, you can found it on Zara or Topshop. They have a lot of great floral spring collection this year.

And actually I was curious about her shoes, I think her shoes was from Jeffrey Campbell, but I'm not sure :s Someone please tell me if I'm right or if you know the brand.

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