Saturday, September 22, 2012

Korean Tourism for Asian On Air Program : What I want to do in Korea XD

I typed this post in the middle of my crying of river, since in a few hours SMTown will start. Okay skip it. Just skip it because I found a way to fly to Korea, yeaaay~

So how to fly to Dae Han Min Guk?  I read a tweet about free way to go to Korea *throw confetti*, and all thanks to Korean Tourism Organization and Korean Air to make this event happened. They give us a chance to go to Korea by blogging about what you want to do, see, or listen to in Korea. Sounds fun, isn't it?

Me, as one of (fan)girls from all over the world who wants to get this finally made a post about what I want to do if I could go to Korea.

First, I really want to taste any Korean food, especially those delicious street foods. I am a big fan of foods lol, I always have a passion to taste any foods from another country, and if I could, I want to learn how to make them. Would it be great to learn how to make a signature food right in the country itself? :3

I myself had tried before, it was actually we, I and my besties were trying to make spicy rice cake which well known as Tteokpokki, we made tteokpokki ramyun. It was soupless, since we were kind of confused, was the soup enough or should we make it dry lol~ Here's a pic of tteokpokki which we made. I think we need to learn how to make tteokpokki properly from Mabeokrim Halmeonim.

Second, I want to do a bit of shopping. You know girls~ Asian fashion is one of my inspiration for my daily outfit. They have casual  but elegant fashion, and it's so fun to see how korean girls mixed their clothes. And we know that Korea has a lot of great local brands, so yeaaah~ it's all about fashion baby kkk~

Third, as what I've said in the beginning of this post, Fangirl, Oppas, Eonnies, Noonas, Hyungs....

I want to feel the vibe of fangirl-ing over the boybands and girlbands there,right in their country, not just from internet and stuff. And the most thing I want to do is to meet new people around the world if I could get this chance.

Actually I have a lot of things which I want to do but I still don't know how to say it. But, thank you once again for Korean Tourism Organization and Korean Air to make this chance for us.

Hope I can get this one >-< *finger crossed*

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well, I'm blessed since I finally got a proper connection from my place. What? Yes, the internet connection was lame for the first time (and sometimes) since I moved here. It's because I've moved out from my parent's place, I meant I lived in another city now, far away from my parents and family, and I have to leave my lovely fast internet connection at home TT.TT

So, I think this morning I found out that the connection is getting better, but still couldn't catch the greatness of my home internet.

No download for some videos as usual but I'm trying hard now to keep calm and waiting for the best internet once I got the wifi password in my college kkkk. So now, I will try to post the fashion found as soon as I could, when I got my internet back. So yeah, I'm just using internet on my phone now to keep in touch with world.

Till then,