Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well, I'm blessed since I finally got a proper connection from my place. What? Yes, the internet connection was lame for the first time (and sometimes) since I moved here. It's because I've moved out from my parent's place, I meant I lived in another city now, far away from my parents and family, and I have to leave my lovely fast internet connection at home TT.TT

So, I think this morning I found out that the connection is getting better, but still couldn't catch the greatness of my home internet.

No download for some videos as usual but I'm trying hard now to keep calm and waiting for the best internet once I got the wifi password in my college kkkk. So now, I will try to post the fashion found as soon as I could, when I got my internet back. So yeah, I'm just using internet on my phone now to keep in touch with world.

Till then,


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