Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I was surprised when I saw someone gave a link to SJM's comeback teaser this morning. Well, I didn't expect too much from SM comeback videos though, still the boys are dancing in strange box with their recognize-able clothings.

So I've found few of their clothes for this music video. Still, not too far from their "lovely" brand. Henry, their youngest baby from this sub-unit of SJ, captured was wearing a jacket from brand KTZ.

Err.. sorry for the awkward pose Henry. Since I only could took the screen cap from their teaser video, which is the only one that showing him wearing that jacket XP

That jacket called Church Embroidery Sailor Collar Jacket, it's from KTZ AW 2012 Men collection. The price for this jacket is £891.00 on KTZ site here. SM artists worn this brand almost in every music video they made for 2012. I hope they will find another brand for 2013, because sometimes I think the patterns and the styles of KTZ's collection doesn't really match with their artists's concept.

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