Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flea Market Hauls!

LOL~ I will not talk about kpop styles in this post, more into my daily style. I know, if you don't interest to read about it, I'm okay... But at least read the rest of my posts in this blog kekeke~

So, last week I and my mom decided to dragged out our men (they are my dad and little bro) to get out of  our town. And glad that my dad said okay with it, maybe because I'm on my hols now, so my dad complied all what I want hehehe, love you dad!

Since my mom's early plan was going to Bandung (a city near my hometown) and glad that our big family held a gathering there, so yeah.. we finally went to Bandung.. After the gathering I decided to luring my family to go to a famous flea market in that town called Pasar Gedebage. Just to the point, this is what I've got from there.

I don't know what to wear with this pink cropped jacket, but it was love at the first sight (I'm easily lured by bright colors -_-)

I got each of them for $1 only XD

and this is my best buy

Can I call it tribal prints?

Well, who cares.. I love it! The material isn't too thick for a blazer and exactly like what I've been looking for so far. It's just matched for my daily wear. And it's only $5.

And this weekend, once again I dragged out my dad and my mom to the next flea market. It's called Pasar Senen. And these are what I've got.

Those two are only $2 for each of them. Best buys for me too, but sorry for the crumples, I haven't iron them after I washed them. XP

I guess I bought too much outerwears. Those two, I don't know about their prices, since my mom bought them for me, she just gave the them to me after she paid them. Well, sometimes she knows exactly what my style is.

I think I will go to those flea markets again once I need to refresh my wardrobe and found some "treasures" there. That's it from me, I'm signing off! ^^~

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