Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm still alive

Hi there people, it's me and just want to tell you all that I'm still alive =_=
I have tons of pics to post but my assignments seriously didn't let me to post anything here. Just give me some time to prepare everything then I'll post it here.

OMG Eunhyuk's and Donghae's tour were just amazing, I didn't have any chance to watch them alive though, but their outfits were making me drooling. All those navy theme and leather jackets from Balmain and Saint Laurent are driving me crazy especially when Hyukjae is the one who's wearing it lol (forgive me for being such a biased)

Super Junior M has just started their promotions for their third mini album 'SWING', their concept for this time I think wouldn't use that much of brands, but I'm still anticipating. Because I saw Hyukjae wore a shirt from Givenchy for their press conference. I hope I'll catch more stuff while watching their comeback stages.

I think I'll start to give an update news from my twitter for this blog, you can add me on @Hyukbuns here, that's a place for me to spazzing though - -; or you can ask for more if you interested about morekfashion especially the ones which Suju wore.

That's it for now. I'll be back for more. See ya later~

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